Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant

Traditional Dishes from All Croatian Regions

Is this the Mediterranean on the mainland or the mainland bathed in the Mediterranean's ambience? That's the question posed by every visitor who steps into Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant for the first time.

The congenial manager of the Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant would politely explain that there is truth to both answers, taking pride in the enchantment of our guests as they see the nearby jubilant stream, the Ljuta, the turning of old water mills, and the staff decked out in the traditional folk attire of Konavle, enjoying the fresh air and temperature which is, during the hot summer months, several degrees lower than in nearby Dubrovnik.

The beauty of Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant lures many of its visitors to tour the entire Konavle region in the southernmost part of Croatia,

a rather unique small area that boasts of mountain peaks, a ruggedly beautiful coast, fertile land, and a cultural, historical and natural heritage rooted deeply in local traditions passed down from one generation to the next.

The freshness that flows in with the Ljuta's torrent is accompanied by the aromas of high-class prosciutto, cheese in olive oil, lamb and veal baked under a baking bell (peka/sače), home-made bread, grilled trout, and the other specialties of Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant, a respected restaurant and a favourite outing locale for Dubrovnik natives and visitors to the Dubrovnik Riviera.

Those who try to fathom the secret of the unique beauty of this undeniably special place,

an oasis of tranquillity disturbed only by the roaring of the playful stream and the birds singing will be additionally surprised by the offer of traditional dishes from all regions of Croatia. National dishes, due to the complexity involved in their preparation, are ordered beforehand and served at the appointed time.

Following an unforgettable dining experience, guests will find themselves much closer to finding an answer to whether they visited a continental ambience with Mediterranean flavours and aromas, or the Mediterranean adorned by centuries-old forests on the banks of the Ljuta.

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The waters of Ljuta keep flowing, but time stands still. The aromas and flavours of the Konavle field enthral its visitors.

"We'll come back," they think or say out loud, wishing to explore all of Konavle, which even today is a not yet fully explored jewel in Dubrovnik's back yard, so to speak.

Konavoski Dvori Eco Green Restaurant, the first step to take on this journey, and the protected landscape beyond, await them with open arms to savour the traditional hospitality of Konavle and the opulent gourmet specialties that will not be soon forgotten.

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Address: Ljuta b.b., 20 217 Ljuta – Konavle, Croatia


Summer working hours (from March 1st):
Every day from 11 am until 11 pm.

Winter working hours:
The restaurant is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am until 11 pm.

Wheelchair accessible (platform lift).



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