Fish Restaurant Proto has gained the status of a cult fish restaurant among the locals but also adorn among VIP guests who especially like its wide covered terrace on the first floor which offers escape from the city noise in the middle of summer. It is located in the city centre, just a few steps from main street Stradun, in Široka Street and it is known for its quality of food and service.

Inspired by indigenous ingredients, primarily fresh fish and seafood, top quality meat and organically grown vegetables from the region, the Chef creates dishes respecting tradition, but following trends in gastronomy. For an appetiser, we tasted a fisherman soup for two rich in seafood - since Proto is primarily place to taste the local fish offer. For the main course we ordered two dishes from their daily offer - nicely balanced bavette with shrimps and bacon and nicely prepared grilled octopus tentacles served with chard and potatoes. The dessert, a carrot cake was a right measure for a light lunch. The wine list is rich with detailed selection of local wines, so we rounded off the lunch with local light Dubrovnik Malvasia.