Café-Bistro Orlando

in the very heart of the Stradun

Day-and-night strolls down the Stradun, the Mediterranean's most beautiful street, call for a break, in which all of the impressions of the beautiful old city can settle in the minds of those who admire Dubrovnik's cultural and historical heritage, a city under UNESCO protection.

This break should not disturb the harmony of everything
that Dubrovnik's visitors feel, admire, and never want to forget.

In the evening, as the sun slowly sets behind the campanile of the Franciscan Monastery and Minčeta Tower, one can enjoy the view of the nearby Orlando's Column – a symbol of Dubrovnik's independence and freedom and of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – from a seat at the Café-Bistro named after it.

The Ragusan cubit, a length unit, was measured by the forearm length of the statue of Orlando, and it is 51,2 cm long.

And while people whose appearance indicates that they are from all over the world

flow down the Stradun in their pilgrimage toward otherworldly beauty you can enjoy freshly-squeezed juices, a glass of top-quality domestic wine or sparkling wine, or imaginative cocktails.

One may choose to have breakfast at the Orlando prior to strolling down the Stradun,

and enjoy a light lunch at this unique spot after visiting the historic city walls. A sandwich, a salad or a dessert make for a perfect break in the quest to peek into every corner of the old city's core.

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Even though you aren't Orlando the Knight, you will feel like a knight at the Orlando Café-Bistro. Its friendly staff knows how to treat you like royalty and just what to offer before you "sheath your sword" and indulge your cravings.

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Address: Placa no. 3 (Stradun)


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