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From our selection of group
menus we recommend


Menu I

"Adriatic" Salad
scampi, melon, pistacchio, avocado
Fisherman's Soup en Tasse
Stuffed Gratinated Lobster "PONTA OŠTRA"
(risotto with wild rice, truffles and mushrooms)
Hazelnut Parfait

Menu II

Cold Platter "PROTO"
Clear Fish Soup en Tasse
Shrimps in Saffron Sauce
Grilled Fish Fillet (daily catch)
Courgettes (Zucchini) with Dill and Olive Oil
"PROTO" Cake

Menu III

Dalmatian Smoked Ham with Olives
Beef Consommé with Home-made Noodles
Tenderloin Steak "Libertas"
Gratinated Cauliflower, Braised Mushrooms
Fruit Salad with Ice-Cream
Cheese from the Island of Pag with Crackers