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Restaurant Mimoza - Dubrovnik

Recently reopened, Restaurant Mimoza is situated at Pile – just 100m west of the Old Town, across from the Hilton Imperial hotel.

Established in 1953, Restaurant Mimoza was renovated in 2007.

Restaurant Mimoza’s spacious and attractive terrace can welcome up to 230 diners, while a further 70 more enjoy the modern, elegant dining room.

The restaurant’s appealing traditional delicacies include fish and meat specialties, various grilled dishes, pizzas, pastas and vegetarian dishes. Enjoy the taste of our traditional dishes which are baked under an iron-bell: fish, lamb, veal.

We can offer to organize live music performances and folk shows.

Its convenient location and size make Restaurant Mimoza the ideal choice for welcoming large groups, family celebrations and weddings.

As delicate and sensitive as the Mimosa flower, the restaurant’s hospitality and culinary excellence promises satisfaction.

In the year 2008, the Mimoza restaurant was chosen as the best restaurant in the Dubrovnik and Neretva County.
In the year 2010, magazine ShowBiz nominated the Mimoza restaurants as one of the top three restaurants in Croatia.

  • Executive Chef: Ivanko Mijoč
  • F & B Manager: Ivo Ogresta

  • From our selection of group menus we recommend

Special offer: Light Lunch