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National restaurant Konavoski Dvori

Traditional local dishes from across Croatia

In the gentle valley of Konavle, in the lush greenery of the centuries old trees and on the banks of a clean river named Ljuta, the time seems to have stopped. The restaurant Konavoski Dvori resting in an ancient mill by the rumbling river not only has a unique location but also offers a tranquil ambiance. The cold Ljuta river during the summer months serves as a natural cooler.
National specialties from all regions of Croatia are available upon advance order.

It is a perfect place to spend a day enjoying the untouched nature, getting to know Konavle tradition, and eating a delicious food. When you visit the Konavoski Dvori, enjoy the excellent smoked ham, cheese kept in oil, young lamb and veal baked under the iron bell, home-baked bread, grilled trout and other specialities of this renowned restaurant.

Dishes are prepared here in the same traditional way as our grandmothers used to make them and the waiters are dressed in regional costumes.

  • Executive Chef: Filip Dimnić
  • F & B Manager: Pero Šilježar
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